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Traveling During Covid-19 - What's a Travel Blogger to Do?

As a travel blogger, Covid 19 has suspended many planned trips for myself and others that love to share their adventures. The airlines and hotels have been amazing to credit trips back to us to use at a later date, however that leaves us with time and an itch to still explore. With quarantines still in place for many states within the United States, rather than sulk, I've decided to take this time to explore my home state. There have been many times I've said to myself..."Oh I would love to see that" or "that would be a great day trip". So be it!!! And I'm off!!

This past week I began my #FlashbackSummer2020Adventures. My first stop, Moss Lake in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. I was so busy last year, that my green machine (what I've lovingly named my kayak) and I didn't spend time together. Life was just too hectic. With shows and festivals to cover, and trips around the country chasing lighthouses and visiting family and friends, it just didn't get much use. With Covid though, it's forced us to put the brakes on. Our lives that were whizzing past us at 100mph came to a complete standstill. I'm cherishing this down time. I love my normal life and routine, but this time home has allowed me to refocus my plans on projects around my house and exploring my home state. Things that always took a back seat to what always took priority, would no longer. I know I've said this many times in my blogs, but we are so fortunate to be central to everything we have here in New York. Less than an hour away are the Adirondacks...a few hours south, the gorges and waterfalls, a few hours west is Niagara Falls, and a few hours east we have NYC. Our state is a playground for everyone! There is something to do for every fancy. Today I fancied mountains!

Joining me on my trip this week was my travel friend, Sheila, who also has an adventurous spirit and is always down to going out exploring with me (or I her, as I've joined her on some epic exploring as well). Keeping our social distance of 6 feet, what better way to hang and catch up, than on a beautiful pond on a sunny warm summer day in the ADKS?!!!

This was a return visit for us to Moss Lake or Pond as I refer to it. I found Moss Pond several years ago by accident. What I loved about it then, and what continues to bring me back is it's peacefulness. It's a passive lake with no motor boats or personal camps on it. A perfect location to escape a hectic schedule and recharge my battery in the peace of the mountains.

At one time, many years ago (from 1923-1972), it was the home to a girls camp. From the photos I've uncovered on the New York Heritage Digital Collection site, the Adirondack Experience series, it appears to have been quite a fun place for girls to go each summer. With horseback riding, archery, plays, crafts, sailing, and dancing, the girls came together to enjoy their summers in what I consider the most peaceful place I've discovered up north. No sign of this camp exists today. In fact as I peruse the photos I'm trying to place where the buildings would have been. They've truly left no trace behind.

We started out with a paddle. The water warm, it seemed rather high for this time of year. Normally there was a beach area to put in at, however non-existent now...we just pushed off into the water and headed out to the center island to see if our favorite loon and osprey family were back from their winter trip down south. No sight of them there, we paddled around for a good few hours till our friend "Lenny" (as I refer to every loon I see) popped up to say hello.

It was the perfect day weather wise also. The cloud coverage allowed for a barrier to the direct sun beating down on us, and a cool mountain breeze rippled the water and allowed us to forget how hot the week had been. Overhead we were entertained by a few fighter pilots from Fort Drum as they practiced maneuvers when we first paddled out. Short lived, the sounds quickly went back to the distant laughter of those swimming and the sounds of nature all around us. The very reason why I love this area so much. Laying back and taking it all in, I once again counted my blessings to be able to enjoy such a beautiful area.

Making our way back in, we put away our kayaks and headed out for the 3 mile hike around the pond. Weaving in and out of the woods, following the shoreline, we spoke of how perfect the name was as the shaded woods were full of mossy covered trees, patches of ferns, little creeks, and hidden campsites. The flora within the forrest was quite exotic in nature. Trees growing over and around boulders, patches of flowers growing in the limited sunny areas, little creeks popping up with sprinkles of sun rays peeking through, and rutted areas we maneuvered through, as we made our way around the pond and back to our vehicles.

Working up an appetite, off we went to one of the areas best loved establishments, Daikers! With a quick bite on the patio, the bustling place showed no signs of hurting for business during these times of the pandemic. Daikers is best known in the area for it's great food and weekend music scene, but today it was populated by those summer time travelers that often vacation in the area at their camps and arrive in boats to the docks down below. Adhering to the rules on masks and social distancing, they did their best to keep it safe for everyone. And as usual, the food was absolutely delicious!

This was the perfect start to my summer time adventures with my friend and my green machine. Hoping to do more exploring in my home state, stay tuned as I try to pack in as many "home time" adventures this summer to share with you. For more information on things to do in the Adirondacks please visit

Till then, Slàinte my friends!!


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